Bikkie Ly is a contemporary conceptual fine art artist who, using digital multimedia as her medium, attempts to exploit profound and thought provoking interpretations of issues.

Bikkie enjoys the challenges that are involved in making a new piece, as this gives her the motivation to express concepts in a contextualised approach.

As someone who does not conform to societal gender norms and who questions and challenges the stereotypes around sex and gender which are imposed by mainstream society, gender identity is a theme of ongoing interest to Bikkie.

Updates May 2020

Current photo series The Unspoken (2020) exploring the themes between trauma & creativity.

Updates May 2020

Updated body of work, showcasing past & present now on Portfolio page.

Updates April 2020


Bikkie Ly is currently working on a new photo series Female Masculinity (2020) exploring themes of Gender & Sexuality.

Follow Female Masculinity page for further updates.

Updates Jan 2020

make up1

Bikkie Ly will be exhibiting One Day (2013) for the OpenArt Festival in Russia, Moscow from July 2020, for the LGBTQ+ Open Art Festival, showcasing artwork exploring Gender & Sexuality.

Exhibition page for further updates.

Updates March 2019


Bikkie is currently working on a project- Fragmentation Series the series explores the concepts and our perceptions of time/reality/memories/unconscious.

This will coincide with a research area exploring the links between Trauma & Creativity which will be focusing on how symbolism is commonly used, in Surrealism as a form of expression.

Follow Fragmentation Series page for further updates.