Female Masculinity (2020)

Female Masculinity & Gender Fluidity (2020) Years after completing my dissertation back in 2013, I’ve decided to revisit my thesis on 'Queer Theory and Gender' studies. This is an ongoing subject area that has always been of vast interest to me.

Alongside doing a photography series on Female Masculinity and how this has changed through the centuries and is portrayed in today’s media. As a British Born Chinese (BBC), born and raised in the UK, I will draw on inspiration and personal experiences within the field of Gender Identity and Queer Theory, to explore the themes on Female Masculinity.

As someone who doesn't identify as either 'feminine' or 'masculine' and born biologically as a female, I prefer to use the term 'Gender Fluid' because I firmly believe gender is fluid - on a sliding scale, rather than defined by preset gender roles, that society has imposed onto people. I identify as androgynous, with traits from both the gender spectrum. I will explore how myself have grown up, as an androgynous person in todays society.